Strategic Planning

Making a real estate decision is complex, and as one of the biggest decisions you’ll make it can also be stressful. In addition to its financial bearing, real estate can drive corporate image, workflow, staffing, client relations and future growth with new technologies. We’re here to make sure it is a positive process and a decision you’ll never regret.

We will sit down, roll up our sleeves and strategize the best way to link a real estate plan to your existing business strategies. By bringing in-depth market knowledge and a toolkit of proven processes to your team, we can best advise on current situations, future challenges and possible growth opportunities.

Our strategic planning services include:

  • Needs Analysis: Clarify financial, scheduling, space and other project needs.
  • Stakeholder Analysis: Determine customer requirements as well as impact on employee base and vendor relationships.
  • Occupancy Alternatives: Evaluate costs and implications of various real estate options including leaseback, renovation and relocation.
  • Economic Development: Understand growth trends, market demographics and slated public plans for real estate in your market.