Our Process

“At RODAC, LLC, our goal is to bring clarity to the chaos of
construction through streamlined processes, smaller teams,
fewer layers, more cost control and impeccable communication.”


-Rich Otradovec


Four stages. Same great performance.


RODAC, LLC has a strong track record of project success when we engage with the whole project team in the early stages of project development.  When we engage in the beginning of our projects, we will work with the owner and the design team to review constructibility of design, and provide input based on a review with our subcontractor partners.  Since RODAC, LLC also develops many of our projects from the ground up, we work hand in hand with many of our clients to provide them a building and a space that meets not only their current needs, but also allows for future growth and expansion.  

  • Develop project scope.
  • Conduct preliminary feasibility analysis.
  • Guide strategic planning.
  • Coordinate third-parties.
  • Evaluate site options.
  • Assist with architect/engineer/design team selection.
  • Determine project delivery method.
  • Establish cost and time parameters.


Project Bidding & Estimating:

RODAC, LLC will oversee and manage the entire competitive bid process for our clients.  At RODAC, LLC, we do this by utilizing our strong subcontractor base to develop a complete and competitively bid project for our customers.  

  • Develop competitive bidders list for each division of work.
  • Prepare scope letter when drawings and specifications do not provide adequate detail.
  • Send out bid invitation to approved bidders. These invites include bidding requirements, project walk through information, and bid due date & time.
  • Review and qualify received bids to review with owner.
  • Assemble overall project estimate based on qualified bids.
  • Prepare proposal letter with detailed descriptions of work for each division to submit to owners for their review and acceptance.



RODAC, LLC offers either general contractor or construction management services on every projects that we lead.  At RODAC, LLC we believe this minimizes potential miscommunication and delivers the best possible outcome for our clients.

  • Manage project team.
  • Serve as owner’s agent at meetings.
  • Monitor schedule, costs and contracts.
  • Monitor quality of construction, safety compliance and RFI (request for information) compliance.
  • Provide regular communication, through our weekly Project Job Report.
  • Provide regular project financial reports.



At RODAC, LLC, we manage the entire project, from initial needs analysis and permitting to successful completion, ensuring you open your doors on time and on budget. RODAC, LLC’s service doesn’t stop at construction completion, we stand behind our projects beyond turnover.

  • Ensure all warranties are submitted.
  • Ensure O&M (operations and maintenance) manuals are submitted.
  • Coordinate systems and equipment training.
  • Review as-built drawings for accuracy.
  • Procure certificate of occupancy.
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